Eagle West Announces Two New Large-Capacity Self-Erecting Tower Cranes

At SAIE’s October 2008 exhibition in Bologna, Italy, San Marco International S.r.l. unveiled the most powerful self-erecting tower cranes the company has developed and brought to market. As San Marco’s exclusive North American distributor Eagle West Equipment, Abbotsford, British Columbia, anticipates a strong response to these new cranes.

The two cranes, known as SM-45N and SM-45L feature telescopic extending masts with up to four optional climbing sections, 147’8” hydraulic unfolding jibs and state-of-the-art electronic control system featuring radio remote control and LMI systems, as well as advanced black box data-recording systems.

These two models are the first in a series of cranes introducing the combined advantages of both telescopic and hydraulic erecting tower cranes. With maximum lifting capacities at 13,228 pounds, the cranes have a footprint of 16’x16’. A smaller 138-foot jib version of this series will also be produced in the future.

“The 45N crane is the first model in our new series and brings with it many special features including telescopic elements, the ability to add elements from the base, as well as large dimensions that will provide the needed lifting power on expansive jobsites,” said Antonio Cerutti, CEO of San Marco International S.r.l.

Final testing and certifications will take place this year and the crane series will enter the San Marco production schedule in early 2009.

“We are very pleased with San Marco’s decision to undertake production of this crane series,” said Gerry Wiebe, vice president of sales and business development for Eagle West Equipment. “The size, reach and especially jib tip hoisting capacity will make this crane series a strong contender in every market in America. We know from past experience that the San Marco product is highly reliable, cost effective to own and operate, and will bring significant value to both crane rental operations and end users.

“Having this crane series available through our expanding dealer network will bring the value end users need and deserve in these trying economic times,” Wiebe continued. “A clear option now exists in this crane class against what has to date been a market dominated by a single brand.”


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