Eartec Introduces Crane Communications Systems

Narragansett, R.I.-based Eartec has introduced two communications systems to assist crews with communication during crane operations. The Digicom CCx 2000 wireless communication system is a hands-free full duplex system that makes spotter-to-crew communication efficient and easy. The CCx 2000 series are customized wireless intercoms designed specifically to increase the safety and efficiency of crane operations.

These new transceivers are not voice activated; there are no push-to-talk buttons. To operate simply turn the units on, clip the radios to your belt, and then talk through the headsets. The resulting two-way talking pattern is just like on a regular telephone, with no annoying VOX delay, and no cables to install.

This lightweight system (14 oz. per unit) is a complete two station wireless that includes everything needed to outfit the crane operator and signalman. The base Digicom CCx 2000 system can be expanded to accommodate larger crews as well by adding up to two additional spotters/signalmen, and allows the entire team to talk at the same time, just like on a wired system.

The system includes two Digicom radios, operator and spotter headsets, external antenna, batteries, chargers and a padded carrying case.

Another product, the Eartec TCs CRANE 2000 communication system, is a self-contained wired intercom also designed for crane communications. These industrial systems are both easy to set up and straightforward to operate. Simply extend a cable from the crane cab to the signalman, plug in the headsets, and talk.

TCs CRANE 2000 wired intercoms are modular and are easily expandable. To outfit an entire crew, just add the cables and headsets that you need. The amplified, RF filtered signal will come through loud and clear every time. TCs CRANE 2000 System includes one TCs power station, two BP-101 beltpacks, operator and spotter headsets, two 100-foot cables, and a 12V battery and AC adapter.