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Eaton Improves Aftermarket Transmission Program | Construction News

Eaton Improves Aftermarket Transmission Program | Construction News

Eaton has made several improvements to its lineup of Flex Reman transmissions, including changing the part numbers to a model-based part number in the Flex product line and changing the model lineup of transmissions available in the Flex Reman lineup, which increases the Flex transmission coverage from 75 to 82% of market demand, covering 50 standard reman items. These changes are designed to better equip truck dealers and truck OEMs to meet the aftermarket needs of their customers. 

“Eaton recently surveyed multiple dealers and OEMs to ask them what we can do to make it easier to do business with us in the aftermarket,” said Jeremy Novak, marketing manager, remanufacturing for Eaton. “These changes reflect that input, and we look forward to assisting our customers with increasing their sales and profitability when working with Eaton.”

By changing the part numbers to a model-based part number, the need to cross reference part numbers is eliminated. In addition, a new pricing structure has been introduced for Flex products with logistic center, direct ship, and truck-down orders all priced the same.  Availability and delivery changes have been made as well.  All Flex units now are eligible to ship the same day or next day for truck down situations and increased inventories of Flex units have been added to Eaton’s 14 logistic centers resulting in shorter lead times.

Because Eaton Flex Reman transmissions cover a wide range of torques and are shipped with no clutch housings, truck dealers are able to lower their parts inventories and still increase the availability of multiple remanufactured transmission models. In addition to dealers, fleets also benefit from the FLEX line with enhanced access to the many models of Eaton remanufactured transmissions.

F transmissions are now available on the most popular of Eaton’s transmissions including the FR 10-speed and RTLO 13- and 18-speed models.


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