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Elebia Introduces Automatic Hook Systems

Elebia Ltd., Barcelona, Spain, has released its automatic e5 and e10 hook systems, offering capacities up to 10 tons. Targeted at U.S.-based foundries, the remote control hooks help riggers and operators stay away from loads, enhancing safety and productivity.

Oscar Fillol Vidal, Elebia general manager, said they’re particularly useful in environments where hazardous loads are handled or where cranes are required to make multiple picks in a short amount of time. In a typical scenario, a load is placed, a rigger presses a button on a remote control and the hook opens, releasing the load and allowing the operator to move the crane for another pick. Safeguards prevent the hook from opening when the load is in the air.

Elebia hooks, which work in the 915 MHz band in the U.S. and Canada, feature a magnet, which attracts the center of slings or rigging equipment containing steel fibers. The operator pushes the control button and the hook closes, catches the sling and lifts the load.

The remotes operate on a sequence of buttons to prevent inadvertent operation. A safety torque limiter (STL) is fitted to the hook, which cancels the operation when it detects the hook trying to drop loads of more than 8.8 pounds.


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