Elliott Displays Boom-and-Bunk Boom Truck at ICUEE

One unusual model Elliott Equipment, Omaha, Neb., displayed at ICUEE was a 50100 50-ton boom truck mounted on a Kenworth T-800 truck with sleeper cab.

The unit had been sold by Elliott dealer BIK Hydraulics, Toronto, Ontario, to Siler Operations, Tyler, Texas for use in oil-field operations. According to BIK general manager Elemer Ivan, “The customer selected the sleeper cab because oilfield work can take place miles from the nearest town. Having the sleeper cab gives the operator the option of sleeping right on site.”

The sleeper cab is outfitted with microwave, refrigerator, television, and other amenities. The Kenworth T-800 has an 80,000 GVW, three driving axles, one steering axle, and a 500-horsepower Cummins diesel engine.

According to Ivan, this is the first tri-axle with sleeper cab that BIK has delivered to a customer in Texas. “The sleeper cab arrangement is fairly common in Alberta [Canada] oil fields, but has not yet become widely popular in Texas.”

Elliott’s inside sales manager Dave Cheleen says that the crane is a standard Elliott 50-ton model with 105-foot, four-section, fully proportional boom. It offers a maximum lifting capacity of 100,000 pounds at a nine-foot radius, as well as a maximum boom tip height of 112 feet. Adding an optional 49-foot jib gives a maximum tip height of 164 feet, as well as a maximum jib capacity of 5,100 pounds at a 40’ radius.

The crane is equipped with two identical hydraulic winches so that one can be used to rig a multi-part line for lifting heavier loads, while the other is used as a single-part whip line for fast handling of lighter loads. Each winch provides 10,000-pound maximum single-line pull.

The front and rear out-and-down type hydraulic outriggers each have a maximum spread of 26’2”.


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