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Elliott Shows 40-Ton Boom Truck, Crawler-Mounted Crane at ICUEE

Omaha, Neb.-based Elliott Equipment displayed its 40-ton capacity 40105R boom truck last week at ICUEE. Featuring a 105-foot boom, the 40105 can reach up to 164 feet with the addition of an optional 49-foot jib. Two longer booms in the 127- to 142-foot range are also planned for this model. According to Elliott, the crane was engineered to compete with the charts of 40-ton truck cranes on the market.

For stability, the crane features two sets of out-and-down-type outriggers with a 26'2” extended full span, 21-foot mid-span, and 7-foot fully retracted span.

Ground-operated outrigger controls are located on each side of the unit for independent control. Weighing 38,200 pounds, the crane can be configured on a standard or three-axle commercial chassis.

Operators run the crane via seated controls in a cab that rotates with the turret. The operator cab includes electronic control levers, variable speed thumb throttle, LMI console display, tinted glass windows, diesel heater, two air circulation fans, 12V DC power supply, and glide swing with manual foot brake, among other features. AC is available as an option in the cab. Other options include a two-piece jib, automatic rotation lockout, auxiliary winch, radio remote controls, and swing counterweight.

Also on display was Elliott's 30,000-pound capacity, 105-foot 30105 boom mounted on PowerTraxx 18-H tracks. The unit was equipped with a new auger system that is now available on 26- and 30-ton boom trucks. According to Elliott, dealers were asking for a boom truck that could be used in utility applications, such as in sandy environments, so the company modified its 30105 boom to fit on a track-mounted vehicle. So far, three track-mounted units have been equipped with Elliott booms, including Scott Powerline's unit on display at ICUEE.

PowerTraxx 18-H hydrostatically driven track vehicle is one of the largest units available. With ROPS to 18,000 pounds, the vehicle is engineered for 100-foot plus cranes and aerial lifts. The 18-H is powered by a 350-hp engine and moves along 44-inch-wide D-dent tracks.


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