Empire Crane Adds Tadano Mantis Teleboom Crawler Cranes to Fleet | Construction News


Empire Crane Company, North Syracuse, N.Y., bought new Tadano Mantis telescopic-boom crawler cranes during the recent ConExpo 2017 trade show.

The purchase included Tadano Manits' new 88-ton-capacity GTC-800 and 77-ton-capacity 15010 models.

Empire Crane owners, Luke and Paul Lonergan are confident that the features in the new GTC-800, such as the cutting edge Opti-Width crawlers and out-of-level charts, make the model a “definite winner” among the competition, and will position Empire Crane to better meet customer requirements in the Northeast.

Other features of the new GTC-800 include a five-section, 141.1-ft. boom and 58.1-ft. bi-fold jib. The crane can operate at up to 4° degrees out of level . It has Tadano's AML-C rated-capacity indicator with Opti-Width asymmetric track positioning that offers more setup options on tight sites.

The new model 15010 has a four-section boom with a maximum tip height of of 111’6”, plus a 50-foot bi-fold jib for up to 169 ft. of overall tip height. It also has Tadano’s AML-C rated capacity indicator system, uses Tadano Mantis’ improved-performance swing system, and is approved for use in New York City.

Caption: From left, Yo Kakinuma, president and chief operating officer of Tadano America; Luke Lonergan, vice pesident of Empire Crane; and Shiro Morita, chief operating officer of Tadano America, celebrated the exchange.