Eriez Celebrates Two Years without Lost-Time Accident

Eriez, which manufactures lifting magnets, has announced that the 300+ employees who work at headquarters in Erie, Pa., have worked more than two years without a lost-time accident, as of November 1, 2010, surpassing the old safety record by more than a year.

President and CEO Tim Shuttleworth, said Eriez employees have worked more than 730 days straight without a lost-time accident, surpassing the old mark of 259 days. "We credit our safety record to increased employee awareness. We revamped our new employee safety orientation, reiterated the goal of no accidents and hung a tracking sign where everyone could see our progress," he said.

"We've increased safety training and have safety updates at the company meetings. We also incorporated safety into our health and wellness program. But it comes down to the people; our employees have really taken ownership of preventing lost-time accidents."

Eriez, founded in 1942, has also developed educational initiatives for customers and industry suppliers. Shuttleworth said: "Awareness is the first step in any safety training program. We help alert customers to potential hazards in their work environment by placing 'strong magnet' warning labels on or next to the area where the magnet is installed. The magnets already have warning labels affixed to them when they arrive from Eriez, and we can send additional warning labels upon request."