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Etesian Technologies Offers Self-Powered Anemometer | Construction News

Etesian Technologies' latest wireless anemometer sensor has been designed to address the safety needs of applications including industrial cranes, aerial work platforms, and event staging. BreezeBT is a self-powered anemometer that wirelessly broadcasts wind measurements. Powered by an internal generator, the unit never requires batteries. It sends data straight to a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, eliminating both the cost and inconvenience of a dedicated handheld display unit.  

The BreezeBT wirelessly collects and sends data via a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module as far as 360 ft., relieving the expense and labor of running cable great distances. One example is in an industrial setting, where the anemometer ensures a safe work environment by monitoring wind speeds at sites that use large cranes. 

To implement Bluetooth Smart into the product design, Etesian looked to a certified module solution from Laird that met the ultra-low power requirements to enable the Breeze BT to operate on wind-power alone. The use of Bluetooth within the BreezeBT also enables users to conveniently use their own smartphone, bypassing the additional expense of a remote display unit. 

According to the company, using a certified Bluetooth module was important, as it made integrating the technology simpler and faster.


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