Father and Son Develop Material Handler for Complex Rigging Jobs

Construction industry veteran Art Mora worked in thousands of jobs in Southern California that required heavy lifting in tight areas, and the rigging devices used in these areas were often awkward and dangerous.

“Many times, we needed to lift heavy loads, such as piping systems, mechanical components, pumps, vents, and other tools,” Art said of his 25 years in construction. “The rigging tools available on the jobs were never able to position properly. They are time-consuming and dangerous, often requiring workers to climb ladders and operate in hazardous circumstances.” But instead of getting frustrated with the situation, Art was determined to come up with a solution to make complex rigging safer and easier.

A little more than eight years ago, Art developed the first prototype of the EZ-RIG CRANE, a small material-handling machine with fully adjustable legs that rolls on 9-inch casters. Not only is the machine adjustable and maneuverable, but the EZ-RIG CRANE fits through 3-foot doorways and in tight spaces. Its unique design allows the crane to spread its legs with outriggers and extend its boom to 18 feet, with the ability to lift, pull, drop, drag, and load up to 2,500 pounds with an electric winch and 150 feet of cable.

For the first few years, Art and his son John sold the cranes to companies they worked for in the field, such as Western Air and Refrigeration. “We literally were using our own tool on the jobsites,” Art said. “It was a great feeling • but frustrating at the same time that we couldn't concentrate on getting these things out into the market because we had day jobs.”

However, within a few years, John had taken over the business aspect of EZ-RIG CRANES while Art concentrated on manufacturing and design. “In 2006, we dedicated ourselves to the business, and we're seeing results,” John said.

The company continues to grow steadily, and the EZ-RIG CRANE is benefiting plumbing contractors, HVAC businesses, sheet metal contractors, pipe fitters, and other companies in the field that need equipment for projects ranging from hanging statues off museums to loading materials onto boats. Today, EZ-RIG CRANES are being ordered by a variety of commercial and private clients throughout California, including Southland Industries and AAMCO.

For more information, visit www.ezrigcranes.com.


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