First Jekko Pick-and-Carry Crawler Crane Comes to U.S. | Construction News


JekkoUSA, exclusive U.S. distributor of Jekko mini-cranes, has introduced the new Jekko SPK 60 telescoping crawler crane, the first Jekko to combine significant strength and reach with 360° rotation and the mobility of a pick-and-carry crane.

This versatile crane, which can be driven or be operated by radio remote control, has a maximum lifting capacity of more than 6.5 tons, and has a reach of nearly 89’ (with extensions).

The SPK 60 includes a number of exciting new features:

Extendible tracks to increase stability
A front-mounted dozer blade to level debris
The GR300 grabber/manipulator attachment to handle pipes and beams
Hydraulic, lattice, and searcher-hook jib attachments
Hydraulic winch with a 3,300-lb. capacity

The SPK 60’s radio remote and load moment indicator (LMI) interface systems give an operator precision control, and deliver some of the highest safety measures available in the industry. 

Like all Jekkos, the SPK 60 is ideal for operating in interior work spaces.

Applications for these cranes include glass handling and installation, HVAC, infrastructure repair, utility maintenance, and more.

Jekko mini-cranes are compact crawler cranes designed to provide lifting and maneuvering capabilities in confined work areas.  Each of these versatile cranes is ideal for operating in exterior or interior project spaces while still giving operators lifting capacities ranging from 1.2 to 8.25 tons.