Giuffre Offers Crane Buyers Stimulus Package

Milwaukee, Wis.-based Giuffre Bros. Cranes is offering potential crane buyers a way to reap the benefits of unlimited access to a boom truck without assuming the risk. The company has put together a program that offers buyers an 18-, 25-, and 35-ton boom truck on a monthly basis much like a rental. At any point during the relationship the buyer can opt to convert the plan to a straight purchase, with up to 100 percent of the accumulated payments applying toward the purchase price.

Because the purchase price is determined at the start of the agreement, there is no risk to the buyer, according to Giuffre. The agreement can be ended by the buyer at any time, at which point the payments made would be considered rental payments. Guiffre’s plan eliminates the risk of a long-term financial liability, especially for smaller companies, according to a company statement.