Global Crane Sales Introduces 80-Ton HCC-80 Crawler Crane


Houston, Texas-based Global Crane Sales, in partnership with Zoomlion, has added the HCC-80 to its crawler crane line. Available to the North American market, the 80-ton HCC-80 meets ANSI standards for safe operation.

Targeted for use in general construction, bridgework, pile driving, oil refinery and power plant work, the crane’s main boom length ranges from 39.4 feet to 187 feet, while its fixed jib length ranges from 19.7 feet to 59 feet with a maximum lifting capacity of 7 tons.

The HCC-80 has a Cummins diesel engine offering 205 hp at 1,800 RPM. The crane also offers Linde pumps, a PAT/Hirschmann LMI system, Pfeifer wire rope, and Rexroth motors.

The HCC-80 is designed for easy transport in all states. During transport, the side frames and crawler tracks stay on, while the butt section remains in. The weight of this transportation configuration is less than 100,000 pounds. The crane is also designed for easy assembly and disassembly without additional equipment. Using its own mechanisms, the track frame, ballast weight, counterweight, and boom frame can be easily installed and dismounted. The track and frame are connected via an easy-to-install hydraulic circular drive pin.

An electronic monitoring system monitors and displays real-time parameters of items such as the hydraulic circuit’s working pressure, total working time, engine speed, oil pressure and fuel level. The HCC-80 also features anti-tipping devices, as well as a limit-position alarm system for the operating boom.