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Grove GMK3050-1 Aids in Emergency Response for German Fire Station | Equipment Application

Grove GMK3050-1 Aids in Emergency Response for German Fire Station | Equipment Application

In Germany, a 10-year- old Grove GMK3050-1 all-terrain crane was reinvented as an emergency response vehicle by Manitowoc Crane Care and local German crane service company Möhle Crane Service over a 12 week period of time. The Kassel fire department is applying the crane in emergency response situations; its currently the only emergency response machine of its kind in central Germany.

The GMK3050-1 is a three-axle all-terrain crane with a five-section, full-power 124.7-ft. boom. The crane can lift five tons at 65.6-ft. radius and the entire crane measures less than 32.8 ft. in length.

"The Grove GMK3050-1 is ideal for emergency work as it is quick to set up, compact and powerful," said Reinhard Kotzan, sales manager at the local Grove dealer KranAgentur Werner. "It has excellent load charts and an impressive boom, which make it suitable for a huge variety of jobs. Modifications are now complete and the crane is an excellent addition to the fire department's emergency services."

To prepare for the equipment application at hand,  the team discussed the needs of the fire service. Initial requirements included special lighting, support tools, and a 6x6 drive system.

Modification work began in January and lights and headlights were added to the outriggers and to the rear of the crane that help set up quickly and safely in the dark. A universal NATO socket, which is typically used on military vehicles, was added and an electric motor with hydraulic connections was installed to allow the crane to operate from different external power sources or an emergency generator. A large storage box for ropes, chains and shackles was mounted on the chassis, while a life raft was added behind the cabin.

Once the modification work was complete, Kassel fire service representatives were trained in the operation and basic maintenance of the machine.


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