Grove GMK7550 Dismantles Roof on Tobin Center Renovation Project

Grove GMK7550

A Grove GMK7550 all-terrain crane recently helped dismantle a dome in the roof of The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in downtown San Antonio, Texas. The roof dismantle was only one part of the $130 million renovation of the 1920s-era theater.

The GMK7550 remained on the Tobin Center project for two weeks. When the renovation is complete, the domed roof will be reassembled and returned to the building for its reopening in 2013.

The four roof sections, which ranged in weight from 5- to 10-tons, were dismantled in place and lifted out by the Grove GMK7550, which was rented by Texas Crane Services in San Antonio, Texas. Texas Crane Services selected the crane primarily for its reach.

“The challenge of the job was to take the roof apart without damaging the rest of the historic structure,” said crane operator John Dalton. “We could not position the crane very close to the building, so the crane had to be able to reach across the building.”

The GMK7550 features a 197-foot main boom. It can achieve a maximum tip height of 430 feet when rigged with a luffing jib and inserts.

For the Tobin Center job, Texas Crane’s GMK7550 operated at radii that ranged from 90 to 180 feet. /the GMK7550 was configured with 115 feet of main boom and 161 feet of luffing jib.

The crane was also configured with Grove’s Mega Wing Lift attachment to give greater rigidity to the boom and accommodate increased counterweight. It is particularly useful for jobsites where the crane is not able to be placed close to the pick site.

The Mega Wing Lift is a special wing-like attachment that fixes to the boom and provides rigidity when working with long boom/jib combinations.

The Grove GMK7550, which has a capacity of 550 tons, is a relatively new addition to the Texas Crane Service fleet. It is also their largest all-terrain crane.

Sterling Frymire, senior vice president for Texas Crane Services, said the capacity and reach of the GMK7550 have opened up new markets for the rental company.

“For years, we’ve seen a growing need for a crane that can handle heavier and heavier loads,” he said. “Now that we’ve added the GMK7550 to the fleet, we have the ability to offer these services to our existing customers, as well as a whole new set of potential customers.”

“This first-of-its-kind, all-terrain crane allows Texas Crane Services to meet the needs of our customers first and foremost,” said Tony Turner, president for Texas Crane Services.

The GMK7550 features a 197 foot five-section boom and an 82- to 259-foot optional luffing jib. It is available with up to 264,500 pounds of counterweight. The GMK7550 is equipped with Grove’s Megatrak suspension system. Its independent suspension and all-wheel steer system allow wheels to remain on the ground at all times so stress and weight are not continually transferred between axles.