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Grove to Launch New 70-Ton RT Crane at ConExpo | Construction News

Grove to Launch New 70-Ton RT Crane at ConExpo | Construction News
Grove to Launch New 70-Ton RT Crane at ConExpo | Construction News

Among the mobile cranes sure to attract attention at ConExpo 2014 will be the new Grove RT770E rough-terrain crane. The 70-ton capacity crane has the longest boom in its class, at 138 ft., and is designed to give customers all the benefits of a traditional Grove rough-terrain crane, but with extra-long reach.

Paul Cutchall, rough-terrain product manager for Manitowoc Cranes in North America, said the new technology and cutting edge design of the RT770E make it a logical choice to be shown at ConExpo. “We’re launching the RT770E into probably the most popular capacity class, so we knew we had to make it stand out from the crowd, and with its boom design I believe we’ve done that,” he said.

“We were able to lengthen the boom without adding more size and weight to the chassis," Cutchall added. "This enables the crane to be maneuverable, while delivering greater lift capacity and longer reach than other cranes in its class. All of which means it will receive plenty of interest at ConExpo.”

The Grove RT770E’s five-section, full-power boom features single-cylinder technology that eliminates the need for a hydraulic hose reel. That lightens the boom, and, in turn, the entire crane. The design also eliminates the need to install boom inserts, which would require an assist crane, saving both time and money for customers.

The 138-ft. boom gives operators the reach of a larger rough-terrain crane without having to upgrade to the 80- to 90-ton class, in which cranes are heavier on the road and require more space on the job site.

The RT770E’s boom-telescoping system offers selectable “A” and “B” modes that maximize lifting capacities in both the structural and stability sections of the load chart. That lets the operator easily choose the mode that best fits the lift.

The RT770E's compact 26.2-ft. x 11-ft. chassis enables easy transportation that saves time and money by eliminating the more expensive hauling permits required to move larger and heavier cranes.

A Cummins 6.7 l engine powers the crane, which has four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. The optional 33- to 56-ft. bi-fold swing-away jib combines with the boom to reach up 194 ft. or out to a working radius of 144 ft.

Consistent with Grove’s efforts to standardize crane lines, the RT770E has the same carrier, controls, LMI, valves, and counterweight as the RT765E-2. It also shares the Full Vision cab. The common components and systems streamline maintenance for companies with more than one Grove rough-terrain crane.


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