Grove AT Signals New Level of Ease for Lifting to Tall Heights

Grove AT Signals New Level of Ease for Lifting to Tall Heights

In presenting the new Grove GMK6300L at Bauma 2010, Manitowoc, Manitowoc, Wis., says it has packed some of the strongest lifting abilities and more power when lifting at tall heights into its new six-axle all-terrain crane. Designed to offer ease in applications such as erecting tower cranes, placing heavy components on downtown buildings, and performing chimney work, the new crane, has “notable advantages” over others in its class, according to a Manitowoc product manager.

“The GMK6300L is a really strong lifter with significant advantages over other cranes with similar boom lengths,” said Michael Preikschas, senior regional product manager for all-terrain cranes in EMEA. “We’ve designed it for impressive picks on its main boom, without the need to rig the jib.” For example, with the boom extended to 245 feet, it will lift 16 tons, and with the full boom of 263 feet, it lifts 13 tons.

Lifting abilities on the 350-ton capacity GMK6300L, branded as the GMK6350L in North America, make it ideal for erecting tower cranes such as Potain’s MDT 308 topless crane, MD 265 C saddle jib crane or the MR 415 luffing jib crane. For example, the MDT 308 has a 230-foot boom which is erected in 15.75-ton sections. The Potain crane has a maximum height under hook of 213 feet, allowing the GMK6300L to position the sections comfortably when working with its boom at 245 feet.

The GMK6300L offers a fully automatic transmission for onsite drivability, the only crane in its class to do so, according to the company. The Allison 4500 SP is a strong, reliable and cost-effective drive-train solution. Its electronic controls allow it to adapt to its surroundings and provide self-diagnostics for easier maintenance. An integral retarder offers enhanced braking on hills and greater confidence for the operator when moving a heavy vehicle. The Allison transmission combines well with Grove’s Megatrak independent suspension system, which uses patented technology to offer greater movement in the wheels. On the all-wheel steered GMK6300L, the latest “steer-by-wire” technology is also included on the fifth and sixth axles. Steer-by-wire uses fewer components, allowing better space utilization.

Additional design features include a new cab for the carrier. With styling similar to Grove’s four- and five-axle all-terrain cranes, it has been adapted to fit the wider carrier of the six-axle crane. The cab can accommodate up to three crew members comfortably, and features more ergonomic instrument positioning for better driving. In addition, visibility, heating, air conditioning, aerodynamics, and noise reduction are all improved.

Improved positioning is available on the AT through the wide choice of outrigger settings. Five outrigger positions are offered, again more than any other crane in this capacity class according to Manitowoc, giving ultimate flexibility even in the narrowest of sites. As an additional feature, the suspension can now be controlled from the outrigger control boxes on each side of the carrier for improved and faster rigging. Dimensions for the crane show a boom overhang on the front of 5.7 feet over the 50-foot carrier. Axle spacings are also favorable, with 10.5 feet between the first pair of axles and 8 feet between the second.

Maximum counterweight of 204,000 pounds is made up of two 22,050-pound, five 20,940-pound, and two 19,840- pound slabs in addition to the 15,430-pound base plate. The optional auxiliary hoist can be rigged together with the counterweight without the help of an auxiliary crane, which saves additional transport. Power for the superstructure comes from a Mercedes OM 926 LA, and power for the carrier comes from a Mercedes OM 502 LA. Both comply with the latest requirements of Tier 4 and Euromot IIIB legislation. The OM 502 LA is an eight-cylinder engine that generates 405 kW, while the OM 926 LA is a six-cylinder engine that produces 210 kW.

Excellent reach is available via a 51- to 263-foot, seven-section Twin-Lock boom that includes patented Megaform designs for optimized rigidity and capacity. For further reach, a 95-foot jib, consisting of a 69-foot bi-fold swingaway plus an 26-foot intermediate section, is available. In total this gives a maximum available length of 358 feet which, when combined with the excellent lifting duties, means the crane is perfect for lifting large loads to tall heights. A second, heavy-duty jib with a capacity of 83,000 pounds, and offsettable to 38 degrees, is also offered.

Control comes from Grove’s well-established ECOS system and an EKS 5 with full graphic display is included for monitoring lift activities. CraneSTAR, Manitowoc’s telematics-based remote monitoring system, will also come with all new GMK6300L cranes.


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