Grove Unveils Latest YardBoss Crane

Manitowoc Crane Group, Manitowoc, Wis., recently featured the newest Grove YardBoss industrial crane, the 9-ton YB4409-2, at the ICUEE show. Nestled between the 8.5-ton YB4409 and 10.5-ton YB4411 in the Yardboss product line, the YB4409-2 borrows the chassis of the YB4409 with the upper of the YB4411. According to Grove, the result is a stronger, sturdier machine.

The YB4409-2 offers a three-section 31-foot main boom and the ability to offset its jib. With its boom and jib configuration of 48 feet, the YB4409-2 has am 8-foot reach advantage over similar cranes. A pivoting boom head allows for low-profile operation at boom angles above 5. With the boom at its maximum angle, the YB4409-2 offers dimensions from boom tip to the base of hook opening of just 43 inches.

The machine's 9-ton maximum lift capacity can be handled through its 360 rotation • not just over the front. With a 10-percent increase in outrigger pad area versus other cranes, the crane also offers lower ground-bearing pressure.

Featuring a Tier 3-compliant 85-hp Cummins turbocharged diesel engine as standard, the engine can be swapped out for GM dual-fuel engine at no cost. Other features include an AC option in the cab, exterior light covers, and three steer modes: two-wheel, four-wheel, and crab.