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Guay Adds Terex 8000 Crossover to Fleet | Construction News

Guay Adds Terex 8000 Crossover to Fleet | Construction News

Guay Inc., Quebec, Canada, has added a new Terex Crossover 8000 boom truck crane mounted on a Peterbilt truck chassis to its fleet.

The Crossover 8000 gives Guay a cost-effective lifting solution for the company’s growing residential and commercial business sector.

The crane has 80-ton maximum capacity, a 126-ft maximum boom length, and a jib-tip height of 190 ft.

Guay selected the Terex Crossover 8000 because of the unit’s versatility and ability to travel over the road while carrying all its counterweight and support equipment.

“The Terex Crossover 8000 is a great addition to our fleet,” said Jean-Louis Lapointe, director of equipment for Guay Inc. “With a few modifications to the chassis, we’re able to meet DOT regulations while carrying counterweight, rigging equipment, pads, and tools. We’ve been able to significantly reduce setup time and transportation costs since we do not have to use an additional truck to move extra components.”

The truck chassis incorporates a modified axle configuration, tool boxes, a hook-block support mounted between the crane frame, and a rack on the rear of the machine for pads.

Guay is already keeping its new boom truck crane busy in the Montreal area. By choosing a crane that fits a standard truck frame, Guay’s crews can travel from jobsite to jobsite at 65 mph with air-ride comfort.


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