Gunnebo Johnson Introduces Tilt-Up Blocks, Chain Sling System

Gunnebo Johnson Corporation, Tulsa, Okla., introduced a new line of tilt-up blocks last month at ConExpo. The new blocks will be available in 30-, 40- and 55-metric ton models with ForgeFab sheave diameters between 16” through 24” and wire rope sizes ranging from 1” to 2 1/4”. End fitting options include swivel shackle and tailboard arrangement.

With high strength-to-weight ratio and time-tested Johnson reliability, these blocks are designed for contractors seeking time, and durability advantages in tilt-up construction, according to the company.

Gunnebo Johnson also introduced its new GrabiQ grade 100 alloy steel chain sling system. Using built-in chain pockets, every leg of a GrabiQ sling is adjustable to match the pick points of any object being lifted, even if the pick points are in different planes. This feature adds valuable flexibility for every rigger.

Each GrabiQ fitting can perform multiple functions, and the total number of fittings required to assemble a chain sling top assembly is reduced by as much as 85 percent. Top assemblies once requiring seven fittings for a two-leg adjustable chain sling use only one fitting with the GrabiQ. A four-leg adjustable GrabiQ sling will have only three top fittings compared to 15 using traditional components. Fewer fittings reduce both weight and clutter, so rigging is simplified.

Reducing the overall number of fittings also reduces wear points, extending the equipment life and speeding up sling inspections. Depending on the configuration, GrabiQ systems are well suited for traditional, baskets, endless and choked slings with each being easily adjusted. A GrabiQ sling has about 25 percent more lifting capacity than Grade 80 in the same chain size.

Gunnebo Johnson Corporation is a world leading manufacturer of lifting, positioning and recovery products including crane blocks, snatch blocks, sheaves, overhaul balls and swivels. For more information, visit