Gunnebo Johnson Lifting Gear Chosen for New 5,511-Ton Crane Ship

Franklin Offshore, Singapore, has awarded Gunnebo Johnson Corp., Tulsa, Okla., an order for lifting tackle, blocks, equalizer beams, and sheaves for the 5,000-metric-ton (5,511-ton) Asian Hercules III crane ship.

The new crane ship will be designed, built, tested, and delivered over the next 20 months for its owner, Asian Lift Pte., of Singapore.

The Asian Hercules III will primarily perform offshore lifts in the Far East, but like its sister ship, the Asian Hercules II, it may work anywhere in the world.

Gunnebo Johnson previously provided a similar tackle-and-lifting-beam system on a smaller scale for Asian Lift Pte.’s 3,200-metric-ton (3,527-ton) Asian Hercules II.


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