Hawaii Recognizes NCCER Crane Certification

NCCER, Alachua, Fla., has been approved by the Hawaii Hoisting Machine Operators Advisory Board to assess crane operators for both written and practical examinations.  Individuals with NCCER Mobile Crane Operator Certification will now be recognized in the state of Hawaii.


As always, NCCER-certified mobile crane operators, riggers, and/or signal persons are issued a Gold Card, which provides all the information needed to verify their certifications to employers.  NCCER Gold Card certifications are portable, industry-recognized credentials that are verifiable in real-time through NCCER’s Automated National Registry (ANR). This streamlined system for identifying certified operators with a single card using a single registry makes verification of credentials simple and straight-forward for both employers and craft professionals.


NCCER’s Mobile Crane Operator Certification Program is OSHA-recognized and accredited by ANSI. It offers 13 equipment specific certifications, including capacity maximums for each.  NCCER’s Rigger and Signal Person Certification Program offers three levels of rigger certification (Basic Rigger, Intermediate Rigger, and Advanced Rigger) and a signal person certification.


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