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HBC Celebrates 15 Years in Greater Cincinnati | Construction News

HBC Celebrates 15 Years in Greater Cincinnati | Construction News

HBC-radiomatic, Inc. the wholly owned subsidiary of HBC-radiomatic GmbH celebrated 15 years since its incorporation in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The company started out in a small building in Blue Ash, Ohio before moving to its current North American headquarters located in Hebron, Ky. at the end of 2008.

To better control the company’s activities, and more efficiently support its clients, 2010 earmarked the implementation of an entirely new and fully integrated ERP/CRM accounting and management system. In 2011 and 2012 the company implemented six new production islands and completely restructured material management and internal material flow. The company is currently in the process of achieving ISO9001 quality assurance certification with final accreditation scheduled for November this year.

“Our goals are simple: we are dedicated to continually improving every element of our organization with the fundamental target of adding value to our customers,” said Jeff Allan, CEO of HBC-radiomatic, Inc. “We have always been fortunate to be able to provide industry-leading and innovative radio control solutions, however, our product offering must be supported by customer-centric, consistent and efficient processes and services.”

“It is just as essential for us to be in tune with the changing needs of our customers, and increasing our local flexibility specifically supports that objective,” said Allan. “Furthermore, not only do we need to continue to improve our local competencies, our overarching aim is always to implement systems that ensure our processes are manageable and repeatable in an environment of rapid growth.”

“We are privileged to have a talented and dedicated team in place, many of which have been supporting the company’s development since its founding. We congratulate HBC-radiomatic, Inc. on its tremendous development at this important point in the company’s history,” said Mr. Uwe Weissmann, commercial manager of HBC-radiomatic GmbH. "We are delighted by the company’s direction and look forward to the group’s continued growth and expansion in North America, and to celebrating the next milestones."


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