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Hirschmann Improves Compression Load Cells | Construction News

Hirschmann Improves Compression Load Cells | Construction News

Hirschmann MCS has improved its fSENS DKA compression load cells for measuring static or dynamic forces of up to 700 kN.

Developed in close collaboration with customers, the load cells fit a wide range of applications, such as capturing counterweight loads in lifting gear or measuring pressures in aerial work platforms. The series features two different housing sizes for four different measurement ranges.

These compact sensors are made entirely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel containing more than 15% chromium. They are extremely robust, maintenance-free, and resistant to dust and water spray in compliance with IP 66/67.

All of the new models feature a mounting plate that is flexibly attached directly to the measurement spring. That enables automatic alignment of the sensor body and more precise measurement of oblique loads. The resulting benefit depends on the magnitude and direction of the force. The load cells self-regulate with oblique loads up to ± 3°,  so loads applied at oblique angles up to 3° are measured as if they were vertical.

To meet specific requirements, the load cells can be configured for different forces, output signals, or redundancy. As a standard feature, all models can be connected to external amplifiers via a shielded cable. The fSENS DKA compression load cells can also be redundantly executed on request.


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