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HookCam Increases Tower Crane Operator Productivity

Pacific Systems Solutions, Kailua, Hawaii, has introduced its HookCam, a productivity tool for tower crane operators. The HookCam is part of an extended vision system designed especially for crane operators that allows operators to see from the hook's perspective.

Tower crane operators have to drop their hook into areas they cannot see from their cab. They must rely on a spotter to tell them where the hook is and how to manipulate it. To do so, crane operators must be able to respond to hand signals and/or radio instructions while manipulating multiple controls in situations that often have slim margins for error.

The HookCam was designed to address the needs of tower crane operators and allow them to better see what they are doing. The product helps overcome obstructed views and gives the operator a clear picture from the hook. This “extra set of eyes” results in increased operator confidence, safety, and performance, according to the company.

Pacific Systems Solutions designs, manufactures, leases, and installs the HookCam and other construction safety and productivity tools. By working closely with the crane industry, PSS invents and designs products to help people work safely and effectively.

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