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Houston Boom Truck Launches New Company Website | Construction News

Houston Boom Truck Ltd, has launched a new company website for the growing crane oil and gas markets in Texas. Built by a Houston based SEO company, the new site is designed to be attractive, easy to use, and to place well with the search engines.

“We are quite pleased with the way the new website has turned out. The extensive use of beautiful photographic images of our cranes and boom trucks allows site visitors to get a true impression of what Houston Boom Truck actually looks like and a greater understanding of what our capabilities are. The site’s striking color photography and layout is complemented by a background of soft tones, combined with its simple, uncluttered look, perfectly reflects the people and capabilities of our Houston location. It’s a good-looking website and very easy to maneuver. Site visitors can quickly access all the information that they need. I believe it represents our resort well and will be a very effective communication and marketing tool for us going forward,” explains Bryan Boyd, quality control manager.


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