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Hutton Strader Joins ALL Erection | Construction News

Hutton Strader Joins ALL Erection | Construction News

The ALL Family of Companies has hired Hutton Strader for the newly created position of business development specialist.

The multifaceted position will focus on high-priority account management, which includes overseeing the company’s national accounts program.

He will also be responsible for technical sales support across North America, and will help product managers evaluate the fleet and assess new products. Strader will bridge sales and marketing functions, approaching both with a unique strategy that combines problem solving and problem avoidance.

Strader, who holds a mechanical engineering degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech), will be able to draw from his years of experience as an engineer to further improve the lift analysis capabilities within the ALL Family of Companies – continuing to emphasize safety, efficiency, and up-time.

Strader joins ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. from Liebherr Cranes Inc., where he was national accounts manager for more than five years. In that position Strader came to learn more about the ALL Family. “I took a comprehensive approach to national accounts and came to understand how the company operated, seeing the 37-branch ALL Family as one entity,” recalled Strader. “I work from the top down and from the bottom up; I know that everyone in the organization has something important to share.”

“Hutton was an essential part of our past successes with Liebherr, and we saw synergies in forging a closer partnership,” said Michael Liptak, president of ALL. “As an engineer, Hutton has an analytical way of looking at cranes, lift sites, and their interaction. But more so, he takes an engineering approach to business problems, bringing about solutions in a logical fashion.”


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