Hydraulic Scales Makes Guessing Load Weights Easier

hydraulic crane scale

Vista, Calif.-based Sherline Products’ suspended hydraulic scale is used to estimate the amount of weight being lifted for loading purposes. It has a 1 sq.-in. surface area hydraulic piston.


Each pound of weight suspended from its hooks exerts exactly 1 PSI of hydraulic pressure. This is read directly on the hydraulic pressure gauge, which now reads in pounds. The gauge is accurate to 2 percent at mid-range and 3 percent at extreme readings.


The scale can weigh items up to 5,000 pounds. While not accurate enough for items sold by the pound, it is helpful on work sites before a large air conditioning unit is picked up by a crane or in the factory for loading drums of coolant-soaked chips onto a truck for recycling. It also can be used horizontally for pull-testing cables.