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Imperial Crane Uses Sany Crawler to Complete Largest Lift to Date

On Sept. 24, 2011, Imperial Crane Services, Bridgeview, Ill., completed its largest single crane lift at the second-largest BP Refinery in Whiting, Ind., as part of BP’s Whiting Refinery Modernization Project (WRMP). The crane was equipped with 118 feet of boom and the drum was lifted at a 31-foot radius. 

Robert Kaleta, a 23-year Imperial employee, operated the job. “It’s not often you come across a pick of this magnitude,” Kaleta said. “The team effort involved in this undertaking, combined with the crane’s performance made for a successful job. Everything went smoothly from the engineering, to the multiple planning stages, and most importantly, the equipment. During the job I felt very secure and confident at the solidness of the crane. It handled the lift impeccably; everything was completed to expectations.”

Imperial Crane Services, a dealer for Sany crawler cranes in the North Central United States, has used Sany crawlers consistently in BP’s Indiana refinery, as well as in other long-term industrial projects and shorter term rentals.



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