ISO Offers Crane Standards on CD-ROM

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) now offers a new ISO CD-ROM collection of over 100 International Standards related to cranes.

The collection will be useful for designers, manufacturers, owners, operators, sellers, inspectors, consultants, crane authorities, regulators and consultants. The standards it contains relate to mobile, tower, bridge and gantry, and jib cranes, and cover aspects including terminology, design principles and requirements, use, operation and maintenance, load rating, testing, and safety.

They have been developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 96, Cranes, in which 21 countries participate, while another 26 are observers. Some of the world's leading experts on cranes take part or provide input to the committee. The new CD-ROM collection includes ISO/TC 96's standards, along with amendments and corrigenda, technical specifications and technical reports.

The Cranes collection on CD-ROM is the latest compilation in the series of ISO Standards Collections, published as handbooks or on electronic media. The CD-ROM allows the documents it contains to be accessed quickly and easily and puts this library of standards into a conveniently transportable format.

"Today’s cranes are manufactured and operated using today’s technology,” said Jack Wray, ISO/TC 96 chair. “I consider it most appropriate that the standards covering their manufacture and operation are also published using today’s technology."

The Cranes collection on CD-ROM (ISBN 978-92-67-10513-0) is available from ISO national member institutes. It may also be obtained directly through the ISO Store.