It’s Time to Recognize the Top Trainers in Your Life!

Maximum Capacity Media announces that the Association of Crane and Rigging Professionals (ACRP) endorses the 2011 Top Trainer Awards, presented by Crane Hot Line magazine. The Top Trainer Awards recognize individuals for having a positive impact on students, the work environment, or the industry.

“The ACRP is excited for the opportunity to partner with Maximum Capacity Media in acknowledging the Top Trainers in the crane and rigging industry. Laws and codes may sometimes force companies to train operators and riggers, but it is the good trainer who changes thought processes and affects the culture of an industry moving toward safer and more efficient work sites,” said Mike Riggs, ACRP president.

The magazine’s 4th annual awards will be featured in the November 2011 issue. Trainers are named in corporate and professional categories. In 2011, ACRP will provide one officer to serve on the essay judging panel. In addition, one winner in each category will receive complimentary registration to the 2012 ACRP General Assembly meeting. Winners will also be granted scholarships to be used for educational purposes. Scholarships may be used by the recipient or may be awarded in their name to a student of their choice for educational purposes.

Download submission instructions at or click here. Essays are due Aug. 1, 2011.

Read about past winners:


Top Trainers Pay It Forward

In the true spirit of learning, several past Top Trainers have paid it forward by donating their scholarships to individuals trying to make their way in the crane and rigging industry. In all cases, the scholarship only covers a portion of the training fee and these trainers in turn covered the remaining costs associated with the classes attended by the recipients.

Michael Wubben, who attended Industrial Training International’s Master Rigger program after the 2008 Top Trainers (Mike Parnell, president, and senior instructors Devon Beasley and Russ Donaldson) donated their scholarship to him, said: “It was truly an eye opening experience. Having always done things ‘our way’ when it came to rigging, picking, and moving loads, I was amazed to see the precision, attention, and focus ITI has put into doing things the ‘right way. I will keep this experience in my toolbox for the rest of my life!”

Other recipients of donated training classes, included:
Harley Gist, Construction Rigging Consultants, Black Canyon City, Ariz.
Richard Kempf, crane operator
Mike Soboski, crane operator