JCB Launches Satellite Monitoring System

JCB introduced its new satellite monitoring system on the full range of JCB machines for the first time at ConExpo. Called JCB LiveLink, the advanced telematics system offers the ability for improved performance and accurate monitoring. By plugging into the machine's own diagnostic system, JCB LiveLink provides a wealth of machine information, including hours worked, fuel consumption, temperatures and pressures.

One of the major benefits is the ability to better protect machines against theft • a feature that is also boosted by the introduction of immobilization on JCB machines. Some of the key features of JCB LiveLink include machine health monitoring, machine tracking, geofencing, the ability to set curfews and receipt of service alerts.

“JCB LiveLink provides our customers with an extremely high-tech system which will help them run their businesses more efficiently and profitably by improving productivity and also by enhancing servicing,” said Matthew Taylor, JCB's chief operating officer. “Coupled with the introduction of immobilization on JCB machines, JCB LiveLink also provides an extremely powerful deterrent to thieves by making the machines harder to steal and simpler to recover when they are.”

JCB LiveLink, which will be provided in cooperation with North American telematic supplier Qualcomm, uses the latest telematics and satellite technology. A transmitter is fitted on to the machine which sends data via satellite and cellular networks to a database that customers can access through JCB's secure website from anywhere in the world. The unit is hard wired into the machine's electrics, allowing critical machine performance data to be collected remotely.

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