JekkoUSA Produces Orientation Videos for Mini-Crane Operators | Construction News

JekkoUSA, exclusive U.S. distributor of Jekko mini-cranes, has added four new orientation videos to its You Tube channel.

The videos help an operator “pre-flight” any of seven Jekko models. They highlight key indicators to insure a better, safer understanding of each crane.

JekkoUSA created the videos to give its 65 dealers across the U.S. a standardized way of communicating basic crane knowledge to their customers and provide that information via computer, smart phone, or tablet.

“We wanted to show Jekko operators how to set up these machines, and operate them without hurting themselves or the equipment,” said Rich Caudill, JekkoUSA’s product manager. “These videos provide a concise, easily accessible ‘walk through’ of Jekko basics: initial setup, safety features, start-up processes, radio remote control  features and more,” Caudill said.

The videos cover Jekko models SPD 360; SPX models 312, 424, 527, 1040 and 1275; and MPK 20.

Caudill says that operators will require more operating instruction than these videos alone, but adds that viewing the videos will give a solid orientation to each model.  

Jekko mini-cranes have been used in a range of interior and exterior applications including glass installation, HVAC, infrastructure repair, utilities, motion picture production, plant maintenance, museum and gallery support, restoration and others.

The new orientation videos can be seen here.