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Keytroller Now Offers Ignition Control for Tower Cranes

Tampa, Fla.-based Keytroller now offers its LCD vehicle access and monitoring device for tower crane applications. Many tower crane operations pay their operators by the time in the crane operating it. Inaccurate work time records—or no records at all—can result in overpayment or reduced jobsite productivity.

The Keytroller LCD requires the operator to be trained and authorized or his code or RFID card will not enable the device. The crane’s ignition key is eliminated and the machine is started and stopped directly from the keypad. Keytroller logs when the operator starts the machine, and if it is the first start of the shift, it requires him to complete a customizable daily checklist. Checklist items, such as radio, rigging, and boom angle indicator, can be programmed.

All checklist items are recorded for pass or fail, and if the operator fails a flagged or critical item, the machine can be programmed to shut down and require a supervisor interface to evaluate the problem before restarting the machine. After successfully completing the checklist, the hours of usage are logged and recorded.

The device can also be scheduled for the next required inspection and for the driver’s expiration date when his recurrent training is again required. Additionally, maintenance can be scheduled by a date or hour meter reading.

Wireless long and short range radios can be plugged into the device’s serial port to communicate with a PC or laptop below. All event log data can be wirelessly transmitted and event log data filtered and graphed using the PC software. From usage data, work time can be established for accurate payment for labor.


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