Konecranes Introduces Smart Solutions


Konecranes, Springfield, Ohio, introduces Smart Solutions, a tool kit of crane features that can be uniquely bundled to tailor a new or existing crane to solve specific material handling challenges. Features of Smart Solutions include sway control, positioning control, area control, load float, brake slip supervision and more. These Smart Solutions technologies allow for safer, more controlled movements of loads that result in increased productivity, safety and performance.

Smart Solutions will protect your crane's structure by reducing shock load, preventing skewing of the bridge, and preventing overloading. Smart Solutions has anti-sway technology, called sway control, a control feature that prevents the load from swinging during crane travel. Sway control allows operators to safely move loads at higher speeds while positioning the load more accurately.

Smart Solutions offers standardized automation that can be set up and modified without extensive programming. Crane operators no longer have to worry about programming to set up and modify automated sequences. Smart Solutions brings automation to an affordable and standardized level in a fraction of the time required of traditional programming.

Smart Solutions also features adjustable working limits, which enables operators to define the area in which the crane can move, as well as restrict the speed of the crane in certain areas of the facility. Operators will be able to establish adjustable working limits and change them at will to adapt to fit the customer's need. As a safety precaution, protected areas can only be changed by qualified Konecranes technicians.

Konecranes offers real-time, 24/7 Remote Services to take constant care of your crane. Each crane's performance can be monitored from any location, in the same building or half way around the world, for basic troubleshooting to proactive measurements of productivity. There is 24-hour Global Technical Support centers that are staffed with some of the most skilled engineers in the industry.