Kundel Introduces Patent-Pending Istrut

Kundel Industries, Youngstown, Ohio, introduces its new strut material, the Istrut, which uses a patent-pending 45° angle design with tubular flange that yields a higher strength to weight ratio for any system. The lightweight aluminum strut material requires no welding, as it uses a clamp system with numerous clamps, spacers, and attachments that allow for endless customizable structures and applications. It’s architecturally attractive design also can be fitted with various finish products to give a professional and clean appearance to the design.

Kundel offers Istrut in kits that can be customized to the customer's needs, as well as bent to a specified radius. The Istrut crane kit is a quick-setup, rolling crane frame assembled by clamping the modular Istrut structural members together from a pre-packaged kit. The system stores unassembled in a net compact area that is easily shipped to a location for assembly. After assembly, the unit can be rolled from location to location to be used in lifting and moving products efficiently and effortlessly. Dimensions range from 2 to 24 inches, and many of the same connections used with standard strut materials are available. Capacities range from 500 pounds to 2 tons.

Istrut crane solutions are ideal for overhead bridge cranes, gantry cranes, ceiling-hung cranes and monorails, workbench and flow cell cranes, and others. Outside of crane solutions, Istrut can be used for industrial applications, such as machine guards and safety barriers, clean room frame structures, or ergonomic lift devices.