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Liebherr Celebrates 40 Years of Cranes

Liebherr celebrated 60 years of existence and 40 years of crane manufacturing by showing off its state-of-the-art crane manufacturing facility in Ehingen, Germany this week. In a two-day Customer Days event held June 17-18, nearly 3,000 customers and associates from around the globe were presented with recently released new products and saw demonstrations of several new cranes recently introduced to the worldwide market.

Most noteworthy was the new LTR 11200 telescopic crawler. This massive telescopic is a 1200-ton capacity crane targeted for the wind energy industry. Also presented was the all-new LTM 1350-6.1 all-terrain crane, equipped with Liebherr’s guying system. Plans were also shown for a 3,000 ton crawler. Some of the components that will be used in the giant LR 13000 were on display. While no official release date has been announced, Liebherr projects it will be about two years before the first unit is ready.

In addition, guests were treated to a day of festivities that included live entertainment and non-stop food and beverages. While the mood at the event was very upbeat, there was a certain level of cautiouness in the air. While the worldwide market expects to see continued growth in the wind energy sector, funding for projects is the key. Many of those from the U.S. contingent expressed concern that this market’s growth will be hampered for many of the products brought to market, specifically to service wind energy.


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