Liebherr Tests New P-boom on LR 13000 Crawler Crane


Over the next few weeks, Liebherr, Ehingen, Germany, will test its new P-boom fitted on a 3,000-tonne LR 13000 crawler crane in various configurations. The company is testing the luffing jib on the P-boom on the LR 11350, following the successful acceptance test of different lengths of P-main booms from last fall.

The P-boom (power or parallel boom) system is designed to increase the lift capacity of its lattice boom cranes. With the P-boom, the lattice elements in the lower area are mounted parallel to one another, while the double boom is merged together at the top to form one single boom. The lifting power of the crane can be significantly increased thanks to a mechanical supplementary system making use of standard lattice components. This applies not only to the main boom, but to the luffing jib because the P-boom causes the torsion torque moment to be substantially increased. This greatly widens the scope of application, and the P-boom raises the crane into the next higher lifting capacity class.