Liebherr Unveils New 1,200-ton Telescopic Crawler Crane

Dr. Willi Liebherr was on hand to roll out the prototype of the new Liebherr telescopic crawler crane LTR 11200, moved out of the Liebherr factory’s newly-constructed assembly shop for large cranes in Ehingen, Germany, last month. The 1200-ton crane was engineered to meet the construction needs of the wind power market.

Liebherr, addressing both employees involved in the crane’s design and manufacture and customers from the wind farm erection market, emphasized the importance of wind power as the main operational area for the new crane. The machine’s 300-foot telescopic boom and slewing platform were adopted from the LTM 11200-9.1, which is often used in the installation of wind farms, according to product materials.

The telescopic crawler was mounted on a narrow-track chassis at the suggestion of wind power plant manufacturer Enercon. The chassis configuration was engineered so the crane could be driven on the narrow roads of wind farms. The crawler’s maximum width is 155.5 feet. The crane’s operation is designed on a star support with a basis of 43’x43’.

Boom systems with Y-suspension, and fixed and luffing lattice fly jibs, adopted from the LTM 11200-9.1, are also incorporated into the crawler version of the 1200-ton crane.


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