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Liebherr's LR 1300 Crawler Closes the Product Range Gap

At Bauma, Liebherr unveiled the LR 1300 crawler crane, featuring a maximum load capacity of 330 tons. This crane fills the space between the LR 1280 and LR 1350/1 models in Liebherr's crawler crane product range.

The LR 1300 is powered by a 612-hp Liebherr diesel engine and two crane winches that have a pulling force of 15 tons each. Options include 15-ton free-fall winches with multi-disc brakes. The hydraulics, which have already been incorporated into smaller Liebherr crawlers, are designed to improve operating comfort and reduce maintenance.

One advantage of this new crane is its multifunctional boom systems. With a main boom and adjustable luffing jib, the LR 1300 has a maximum boom length of 564 feet • 193.6-foot main boom plus 370.7-foot luffing jib. Using the high-reach attachment variant, the jib can be extended to a length of 393.7 feet. A derrick attachment with ballast trailer is offered for heavy loads. Also, using the mid-fall attachment, it is possible to guide the rope either over the main boom head as usual or over a pulley mounted in a fixed position in the luffing jib.

Rapid, low-cost transportation is an important economic factor even for large-scale machinery, and the LR 1300 features a self-assembly and self-loading system. This is formed of four extending outrigging cylinders on the undercarriage, a mounting ram in the A-frame for unloading, and two ballast cylinders on the rear of the basic machine. A second crane is not needed for unloading the crane or for its assembly.

The dimensions of the disassembled LR 1300, which has a maximum transport width of 9.8 feet, enables low-cost transportation of standard low loaders. There is also the option of sliding the intermediate luffing sections into the intermediate main-boom sections, saving space so that fewer transport vehicles are required.

The LR 1300 has been fitted with the CANbus-technology based Liebherr controls is designed for hard construction site operations, including those carried out in extreme temperatures. Developed by Liebherr, it controls and monitors all control and supervision modules, including the new load-moment limitation system that automatically calculates load capacity during operations. According to Liebherr, the control functions without saving load charts or interpolating intermediate values.

In addition, the new LR 1300 comes with a GSM modem as standard, which establishes a data connection with the service station or the manufacturer to transfer machine and processing data, as well as online remote diagnosis.


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