Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2011

Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2011
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2011
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2011
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2011

Lift and Access Magazine announced the new and innovative products that were named Finalists in its Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Aerial Platforms (LLEAP) competition for 2011. The competition honors products that were introduced between Apr. 1, 2010, and Mar. 31, 2011. Those selected were recognized for their innovation and for having advanced the state of the lifting and access industry.

The LLEAP competition considers entries in five categories:

• Aerial Lifts - self-propelled boom or scissor lifts, and trailer or truck-mounted aerials

• Material Handlers - rough-terrain, telescopic-boom, and straight-mast forklifts

• Cranes - rough-terrain, all-terrain, truck cranes, boom trucks, and self erectors

• OEM-Developed Features/Essential Components for OEMs – for example, engines and telematics

• Aftermarket Support Products and Services – for example, radio remote controls, rigging gear, and
  equipment accessories.

A panel of 15 judges evaluated the entries, based on:

• Innovation: Is this an innovative product?

• Influence: Will this influence the market in a positive way?

• Benefit: Will this product benefit the owner and/or operator?

• Leadership: Is the manufacturer a leader in the industry?

The product with the top average total score in each LLEAP category earned a Gold Award. The entry with the second-highest average score earned a Silver Award. Other entries in each category were named Finalists.

In addition, one machine and one support product were selected as Platinum Award winners for best all-around innovation.

Here are the 12 LLEAP entries that were named Finalists.

Aerial Lifts

Terex AWP/Genie RT69 Scissor Lift

The new Genie RT69 Series of rough-terrain scissor lifts, which include the GS-2669RT, 3369RT and 4069RT models, feature improved performance. Up to 30-percent more horsepower and features like an oscillating front axle enable RT69 scissor lifts to drive through sand, mud, and over curbs with ease. The new design also enables all three models in the family to drive and function at full height.

Judge’s comment: Ability to be driven at full height is significant advantage to users.

Haulotte Compact 3947 E Scissor Lift

The Haulotte Compact 3947 E electric scissor lift is able to reach places other lifts may not be able to in a tight racking storage system. Drivable at full height, it eliminates the need to lower the platform to drive from point to point. It offers 772-pound platform capacity, 39’4” platform height, 3’11” overall width, and 6,990-pound overall weight.

Judge’s comment: Maneuverability at 39 feet will greatly increase users’ productivity.

JLG 340 AJ Articulating Boom Lift

The JLG 340 AJ boom lift boasts 500-pound capacity, 34-foot platform height, 20-foot horizontal reach, and 17-foot up-and-over reach. The boom rotates 350° non-continuously on a worm-driven bull gear swing drive. The unit weighs 9,700 pounds and measures 18 feet long. Tucking the platform cuts the overall length to 13 feet, enabling three of these boom lifts to fit on a 40-foot trailer.

Judge’s comment: Tier 4 engine option is definite advantage in meeting environmental requirements.

Palfinger WT 1000 Truck-Mounted Aerial Lift

The WT 1000 aerial lift‘s 331-foot platform height makes it the tallest truck-mounted aerial lift in North America and the world’s largest all-terrain aerial platform. Mounted on a 5-axle all-terrain mobile crane chassis, the WT 1000 can slew its boom system laterally into operating position as soon as its main boom is lifted slightly, enabling the rear of the vehicle can get close to the worksite. The heavy-duty work platform has 1,322-pound capacity.

Judge’s comment: Capabilities could revolutionize the aerial market.

Material Handlers
Caterpillar TH514 Telehandler

Caterpillar’s TH514 telescopic handler offers 11,000-pound maximum lifting capacity, 30’3” forward reach, and 45-foot maximum lifting height when stabilizers are engaged. Load-sensing, flow-sharing hydraulics allow for all three boom functions to operate simultaneously and proportionally for smooth, accurate control. The 101-hp Tier 3-compliant Cat C4.4 DITAAC mechanical control, turbocharged engine is standard.

Judge’s comment: Operator comfort is at the forefront, and it’s a good-looking piece of technology, too.

JCB 512-56 Loadall Telehandler

The 512-56 Loadall 12,000-pound-capacity telescopic handler is the largest JCB has ever produced. The unit will lift 5,000 pounds to its 56-foot maximum height, and can lift 3,500 pounds at 42-foot outreach.  It features a 114-hp Tier 3 diesel engine. An open cab is standard, but the frame is prepped for easy installation of full enclosures. All standard checks and servicing can be done easily from the ground.

Judge’s comment: This model is filled with features that extend machine life and simplify maintenance.


Elliott 36127F Boom Truck

The Elliott 36127F’s design provides 72,000-pound lifting capacity at a 5-foot radius. The five-section boom measures 34’5” retracted and 127 feet fully extended, with a maximum tip height of 137 feet. An optional 32-foot to 49-foot two-piece jib with manual extension stows alongside the boom. Standard out-and-down style outriggers offer mid- and full-span load charts with a 21-foot maximum spread.

Judge’s comment: Good capacity and reach for a truck mount. Plenty of useful options.

Sany SRC860XL Rough-Terrain Crane

Sany America’s 60-ton rough-terrain crane, the SRC860XL, is the first product Sany has designed for the United States market using a joint Chinese/American team. The SRC860XL's five-section main boom has a 140-foot maximum length, the longest in the 60-ton class. The boom can also be equipped with a 53-foot bi-fold jib. Designed to meet United States transportation requirements, the crane weighs 98,000 pounds and measures 10'10” wide. Its power train features a 250-hp Tier-3 diesel engine coupled to a six-speed transmission.

Judge’s comment: Newcomer will certainly have an impact on the North American crane market.

OEM-Developed Features/Essential Components for OEMs

Link-Belt Pulse Operating System

Link-Belt Pulse is a total crane operating system that combines a rated capacity limiter (RCL), a boom extension mode controller (EMC), self-diagnostic capabilities, and continuous monitoring of multiple crane functions and conditions. The main working screen shows maximum allowable load, load on hook, and crane geometry. It warns of an approaching overload or two-blocking, shuts down relevant operations when necessary, and clearly animates the boom’s mode of extension. For cranes equipped with pinning and latching booms, it displays pin and latch status and telescope-cylinder travel in real time.

Judge’s comment: Link-Belt continues to set a high standard on operator support systems.

Perkins 400F Tier-4 Final Diesel Engine

Perkins’ 400F Tier-4 diesel engine is the latest addition to the company’s 400 Series range. The 400F runs up to 61 hp. Its compact three- and four-cylinder lineup maintains the compact installation dimensions necessary in this market. The line uses 97 percent of components from the previous tier engine, which means little or no machine redesign for manufacturers. The only addition manufacturers will see is the passive-regeneration aftertreatment, designed to be as compact as possible, and with flexible mounting arrangements to ease installation.

Judge’s comment: Meeting Tier-4 requirements while keeping performance will benefit many equipment applications.

Aftermarket Support Products or Services

HBC-radiomatic Spectrum D Radio Remote Control

The Spectrum D radio remote controller now features a 3.5-inch color screen. As an option, the protective roll-over bar can be lit with LEDs to allow the operator to clearly read and locate functions in limited lighting. Depending on the features desired by the OEM, screen display data may include wind speed data, load weight, and radius. Display navigation can be customized using six push buttons and the Radiomatic iCON navigation system. Controllers include two analog or stepped joysticks or eight linear levers, or a combination of the two.

Judge’s comment: It notifies the operator about critical statuses, faults, and potential dangers. They thought of everything.

CasterSocks Wheel Covers

CasterSocks are the newest product from TireSocks, Inc. They fulfill the need across multiple industries to protect flooring surfaces from the wheel and tire marks caused by the smaller wheels of dollies, carts, pallet jacks, and other industrial equipment. Made of durable, high-quality, 600-denier nylon material, CasterSocks are durable and resist to water and chemicals. They can be made to fit any wheel size, and keep wheel marks and debris off floors.

Judge’s comment: A good addition to their line of quality products.


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