Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013

Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013
Lift and Access Names LLEAP Finalists for 2013

Lift and Access has announced the new and innovative products that were finalists in its Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Aerial Platforms (LLEAP) competition for 2013. This year’s LLEAP competition is the seventh edition in the long-standing series. It honors products that were introduced or upgraded between April 1, 2011, and February 28, 2013. LLEAP recognizes products that are new, innovative, and improve the mobile access and lifting industries.


The LLEAP competition considers entries in five categories:

  • Aerial lifts: Self-propelled boom or scissor lifts, manually or self-propelled vertical lifts, specialty lifts, trailer- or truck-mounted aerials.
  • Material handlers: Rough-terrain telescopic or straight-mast forklifts.
  • Cranes: Rough-terrain, all-terrain, truck, telescopic boom crawlers, crawler cranes, boom trucks, and self-erecting cranes with capacities less than 150 tons.
  • OEM-Developed Features/Essential Components for OEMs: Features developed by an OEM for a new or existing aerial work platform, material handler, or crane.
  • Aftermarket Support Products or Services: Products and services developed and sold specifically for end users.


Sixteen judges evaluated the entries. The panel included six members from the staff of Maximum Capacity Media (MCM) staff, which publishes Lift and Access, Crane & Rigging Hot Line, Industrial Lift & Hoist, Lift & Hoist International, and Scaffold & Access. The panel also included 10 experts who work in various aspects of the lifting, access, rental, construction equipment, and safety industries.


The panelists used their expertise to judge each LLEAP entry, based on:


Innovation: Is this an innovative product?

Influence: Will this influence the market in a positive way?

Benefit: Will this product benefit the owner and/or operator?

Leadership: Is the manufacturer a leader in the industry?


The product with the top average score in each category earned a Gold Award. The entry with the second-highest average score earned a Silver Award. The remaining entries in each category were named Finalists.


In addition, one machine (aerial lift, material handler, or crane) and one support product were selected as Platinum Award winners for best all-around innovation.


Here, by category and in alphabetic order, are the 31 LLEAP Finalists for 2013.


Aerial Lifts


All Access Equipment Crawler 78 Aerial Lift

The Crawler 78 hybrid lift from All Access Equipment can effectively replace three lifts for the price of one. For indoor use, it can enter a 36-in. door and reach a 73-ft. platform height. It works quietly with a 120V electric motor, never having to stop to recharge batteries. Powered by a Kubota diesel engine, the self-propelled lift can entering challenging sites outdoors and automatically self-level on steep slopes for projects like painting, cleaning, construction, and tree care. It can work directly from a trailer and towed by a 3/4-ton pickup truck.

Judge’s comment: Nice features for a cost point well below some others in segment.  


Genie GS69 DC Scissor Lifts

Genie’s GS-4069 DC is the first 40-ft. full-drive-height electric scissor lift, and the GS-2669 DC and the GS-3369 DC also can be driven at full height. Emission-free battery power allows these lifts to work in enclosed buildings and reduces maintenance cost. ANSI models have 13% more platform space than their predecessors; lifting capacity is 1,500 lbs. on the GS-2669 DC, 1,000 lbs. on the GS-3369 DC, and 800 lbs. on the GS-4069 DC. All three models can drive through sand and mud with a full-time oscillating front axle automatically adjusting for ground conditions. The 4.5-mph stowed drive speed is 30% faster than Genie’s IC RT models.

Judge’s comment: The rental market loves these wide-bodied electrics. Driving at full height will help productivity.


Genie GS-2646 AV Scissor Lift

The Genie GS-2646 AV scissor lift has an optional powered extension deck that provides 5 extra ft. of reach. The Padded Aircraft Protection Rail (PAR) system provides extra protection. The interlocked platform extension deck and gates prevent the machine from being operated while the deck is extended or while the gates are open. Maximum platform height is 26’6”, and drive height is 20 ft. Overall width with the PAR is 4’8”, and the inside turning radius is zero. Lift capacity is 900 lbs. The SmartLink control system includes onboard diagnostics that can be updated remotely or by laptop.
Judge’s comment: This specialty unit is well designed for the niche market it serves.


Haulotte Compact 2668 RT Scissor Lifts

Haulotte re-introduced its Compact 2668 RT scissor lift to the U.S. market in June 2012, with improvements that include a quieter Kubota engine; easier access to components; reduced emissions; a new hydraulic system with 50% more drive capacity; better outrigger protection; easier platform access; and a more durable upper control box. The Compact 2668 RT has 1,250-lb. capacity, 26’9” maximum platform height, 40% gradeability, 11-in. ground clearance, and 3.4-mph travel speed. Four-wheel drive and automatic hydraulic differential lock improve traction on rough terrain. Fully-proportional controls make operation easy, and one switch can set and retract all four outriggers at the same time. The upper control box connects and disconnects with a CANbus socket.

Judge’s comment: This competitive product is a major step forward.


Haulotte HT67RTJ Boom Lift

The Haulotte HT67RTJ telescopic boom lift features quick lifting speeds, optimized rough-terrain capabilities, a single control for both steering axles, and easy maintenance. Standard features include four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer, foam filled-tires, oscillating axles, power to the platform, automatic platform leveling, swing-gate side-entry basket, upper control box cover, and more. The HT67RTJ has 500-lb. lift capacity, 67’5” platform height, 59’5” horizontal reach, and can reach full height in 53 seconds. Automatic hydraulic differential lock improves the traction on rough terrain.

Judge’s comment: Outstanding standard features and a huge working envelope.


JLG RS Series Electric Scissor Lifts

JLG’s 1932RS and the 3248RS are designed as service-friendly machines. With platform heights of 19 and 32 feet and capacities of 500 and 705 pounds respectively, the 1932RS and 3248RS use direct electric drive motors and can traverse grades up to 25%. Both lifts include a multifunction digital indicator (MDI display), to simplify battery evaluation and fault diagnosis. Lifts feature innovative operator controls and automatic traction control for improved maneuverability. Compact dimensions enable travel through single doorways for the 1932RS, and fold-down guardrails on the 3248RS enable access through standard double doorways or under low obstructions.

Judge’s comment: Great attention to maintenance and reliability—only four hydraulic hoses.


Oil & Steel Octopus 1800 EVO Boom Lift

The Octopus 1800 EVO aerial lift from Oil & Steel has a 60-ft. maximum reach and a load capacity of 440 lbs. Measuring 2'7" wide and 6'5" tall, it can fit through a single doorway. Octopus EVO is equipped with a rotating hydraulic jib that performs vertical movement from -85° to +60° and a horizontal maximum rotational movement of 90° on the right and 90° on the left. This feature makes it possible to reach around corners or work on a different area. It is available with 15-hp gas or diesel engine. An electric engine is also available for carrying out indoor work without noxious gas emissions.

Judge’s comment: This machine offers a very admirable range of movement.


Skyjack SJ63 AJ Articulating Boom Lift

Combining a lift height of 63 ft., horizontal reach of 40 ft., and up-and-over clearance of 27’6”, Skyjack’s SJ63 AJ is designed for versatility. The 360° turret rotation and zero tail swing allow for flexible operation in tight locations. A unique open-center knuckle riser is designed for improved visibility, compact dimensions, and below-grade reach capabilities. Dual lifting cylinders maintain true vertical rise, which prevents drifting. Other key features include direction-sensing drive and steer controls, analog-based controls, and Skyjack’s standard color-coded and numbered wiring system.

Judge’s comment: The boom design improves visibility and below-grade reach.


Snorkel A62JRT Articulating Boom Lift

Featuring Snorkel’s common mid-size boom chassis, the A62JRT self-propelled articulated boom lift provides a maximum platform height of 61’8”, a 6-ft. jib, 29’6” up-and-over clearance, and zero tail swing. The platform can rotate 180˚, while the superstructure offers 360 continuous rotation. Hydrostatic four-wheel drive, combined with an interactive oscillating front axle, keeps all four tires in contact with the ground. The A62JRT offers a full 14 in. of ground clearance and 45% gradeability. The diesel engine at its heart is a Kubota V2403M-T 59HP.

Judge’s comment: The up-and-over height is better than that of most machines in its class—an important consideration in many applications.


Tracked Lifts Omme 2500XR Battery-Powered Boom Lift

The Omme 2500RX hybrid battery- and diesel-powered aerial lift from Tracked Lifts is the newest product in the articulating aerial lift lineup. The 2500RX is compact, has a greaseless boom, and an electric-over-hydraulic working system. Maximum platform height is 76 ft. Maximum side reach is 42’7”. The boom rotates 355°. Maximum basket capacity is 440 lbs. The diesel engine is an 18-hp Kubota D722. It can climb a 35% grade and handle a 30% side slope.

Judge’s comment: The boom rotation and jib range will let it get to hard-to-reach work areas.




Material Handlers

Genie GTH-844 Telehandler

The Genie GTH-844 telehandler has a maximum lift height of 44 ft., a maximum reach of 28 ft., and a lifting capacity of 8,000 lbs. The lift capacity at maximum height is 6,000 lbs. and capacity at maximum reach is 2,000 lbs. The operating weight is 25,000 lbs. The GTH-844 telehandler uses a Tier 4i diesel engine, and the engine location has changed from the center-rear mount to right-side mount. Engine options include either Deutz or Perkins. The GTH-844 features a tiltable steering wheel, an updated single-lever joystick control, and new gauge and switch packages. By narrowing the machine, the GTH-844 will fit through more narrow doorways, and enables transport without a special over-width permit.

Judge’s comment: New operator’s station, narrower stance, and new features make this clean-sheet redesign a winner.


Harlo HP Series RT Forklifts

In 2012, Harlo introduced the redesigned HP5000, HP6500, and HP8500 forklifts to meet Tier 4 Interim certification without the use of after-treatments; increase engine fuel efficiency by up to 34%; and maintain pricing in-line with previous Tier 3 models. The HP line uses a pressure and flow compensated hydraulic pump for more controlled pressure efficiencies. Harlo offers 41 mast options, a tight turning radius featuring a zero-tail swing design, fast travel speeds and mast lift rates, and large lifting capability.

Judge’s comment: Rugged, easy to service, and delivers excellent power. Meeting Tier IV emission standards without after treatment is a big benefit.


JLG G5-18A Telehandler

JLG’s G5-18A compact telehandler features a 126-inch turning radius and a stowed height of less than 76 inches, making it ideal for work in confined or congested spaces. The machine also offers a variety of attachments. Redesigned in 2013, the G5-18A features a maximum lift height up to 18 feet, an extended outreach of 10’10” and a 5,500-pound maximum lifting capacity. The G5-18A includes a Tier 4 final Deutz engine for higher levels of fuel efficiency.

Judge’s comment: Tighter turning, lower height, and more outreach make this a formidable competitor.


LiftSmart MLI Industrial Pro Series Lifts

The MLI Industrial Pro Series from LiftSmart is a line of portable, manually-propelled material lifts that consists of five models, providing lifting heights of up to 25 ft. and load capacities ranging from 600 to 1,000 lbs. These machines incorporate an adjustable fulcrum and loading wheels for easy loading/unloading from pick-up trucks. All models feature a crane attachment point. New features include the patent-pending Smart-Set “pin-less” height adjustment system for the steering and loading wheels and Clear-Path, providing foot and ankle clearance between the rear transport wheels.

Judge’s comment: The metal cable pulleys are a good addition. They help prevent premature wear.


Xtreme Mfg. XR2450 Telehandler

The XR2450 is the newest addition to Xtreme’s ultra-high-capacity telehandler line, as well as one of the highest-capacity telehandlers currently manufactured in North America. The XR2450 can handle up to 24,000lbs., lift up to heights of 50 ft., and extend forward 36 ft. It is equipped with a heavy-duty frame, chassis, and boom, as well as heavy-duty rollers. The XR2450 telehandler offers dual hydraulic cylinders for improved control and lift, 360° visibility for increased operator awareness, an advanced boom-angle indicator for increased accuracy while loading and unloading materials and frame sway. Maximum capacity is 24,000 lbs., maximum lift height is 50 ft., and maximum forward reach is 36 ft. Power is provided by a 130-hp Perkins Tier 3 diesel engine.

Judge’s comment: Exceptional thinking. This is a bold idea, the way of the future.





Auto Crane 3203EH/400EH Series with NexStar

Auto Crane’s 3203EH and 4004EH (electric-hydraulic) Series with NexStar is engineered specifically for lighter duty mechanics trucks to make them safer and more productive. The patented NexStar Crane Management System identifies the angle of the truck and the boom, preventing unsafe operation in unstable situations. Fully independent proportional control with multiple speed settings enables precise control over load placement. Nexstar communicates critical information via an LCD screen to the operator regarding load status and diagnostics. When the screen is not in view, the operator is kept informed by highly visible colored lights mounted on the crane which can be complemented with an additional audible alarm for overload situations.

Judge’s comment: The NextStar feature will definitely influence cranes in this class.


Badger CD4415 RT Crane

The low-profile 15-ton CD4415 RT Crane from Badger Equipment Co. was designed with input from operators in the oil and gas industry Features include a three-section boom to 62.5 ft., four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, maximum tip height of 85.5 feet, and Cummins QSB4.5 Tier 3 engine. The CD4415’s ergonomically engineered two-door cab includes a six-way adjustable seat, joystick controls, quick start-up, and multiple languages.

Judge’s comment: This crane offers a modern alternative to thousands of aging cab-down RT cranes.


Manitex International 50155GT Rubber-Tracked Crane

The 50-ton 50155GT rubber-tracked crane from Manitex features the upperworks of a Manitex 50155 boom truck, a low-profile pedestal developed from the Badger CD4415 RT crane, and Prinoth Go-Tract 4500 Tracked Carrier. The unit's 43-inch wide tracks keep ground-bearing pressure to about 4.5 psi. The cab tilts as much as 20° so the operator can see the boom clearly and without neck strain. With its outriggers fully extended, the 50155GT can lift 50 tons at a 6-ft. radius and has the ability to lift a two-person work platform to a height of 200 ft. with jib and extension. With an overall height of just under 11’1”, the crane can be hauled to and from worksites without having to obtain over-height permits.

Judge’s comment: Niche crane with well-thought-out design.



OEM-Developed Features/Essential Components for OEMs


APEM ES Emergency Stop Button

APEM’s ES Series pushbutton switch was developed for extreme environments. The pushbutton has a 34-mm diameter, red anodized actuator, designed for heavy-duty applications. The ES Emergency Stop series includes; Metal product with diameter 22 mm bushing (market standard) , 100,000 cycle mechanical life, no axis deformation even if exposed to major shocks, sealed to IP65 by O-ring and membrane, lower behind-panel depth, locked/unlocked status indicator, customizable actuator and bezel (color, shape, marking) and straight PC or solder lug terminals.

Judge’s comment: Much more durable than most e-stops.


APEM IH Ruggedized Switch

The IHS Series is a ruggedized switch for harsh environments. The IHS is recommended for applications where the switch is often activated, including applications where positioning the load is critical, such as in material handling. The IHS offers a long-life contactless switching of 5 million operations and is sealed to IP67. The dome shaped actuator is available in eight colors.

Judge’s comment: Rugged and practical. Anything that lasts longer is a win.



Aftermarket Support Products or Services


BlueSky Solutions SkyHandler

BlueSky Solutions developed the to aid fast and safe installation of materials from large-deck, diesel scissor lifts, SkyHandler fine-positions materials though an x, y, z axis using hydraulics and a remote control. The system can safely secure and position materials up to 1,322 lbs., with diameters of more than 10 inches, and lengths of more than 24 ft. One person can safely install a large variety of materials, such as steel beams, timber, and piping at height. SkyHandler can be retro-fitted against the guardrails of the access platform, leaving adequate space for additional operators in the platform.

Judge’s comment: Great for handling heavy or cumbersome material. Remote control is a nice feature.


Camoplast Solideal SolidAir TLH Tire

Camoplast Solideal’s SolidAir TLH solid telehandler tire and wheel solution was developed for telehandlers. Featuring triangular holes or apertures in the sidewall, the SolidAir TLH was purpose built for telehandler applications. The SolidAir TLH eliminates the potential for flat tires and reduces the damage caused by cuts and slices to the sidewall and tread area. This tire is available in the two most popular North American sizes: 13.00 x 24 and 14.00 x 24.

Judge’s comment: Triangular cushioning apertures, self-cleaning tread, and long life will help telehandler users boost performance while cutting cost.


Diversified Product Crane Service Basket

Diversified Products’ 350-lb. single-person basket is designed for accessing high-reach maintenance areas via large equipment. The new yoke-style baskets quickly attach to service cranes using an adapter. For easy storage and transport, the steel baskets are also offered with a specialized carrier, which installs behind the truck in the receiver hitch. This system allows operators to carry the baskets with them from site to site without tying up space in their truck beds.

Judge’s comment: A good solution to the challenge of conducting field repairs above ground level. Quick-attachment system is innovative.


Eagle West Cranes Boscaro EZ Spreader Bar

The Boscaro EZ Spreader Bar System was designed to be a fully customizable spreader bar option. The system works off a male/female component system. With this system, the bars can be interlocked using a bolt-and-pin system to create adjustable modular bars. Unique to this system, each male and female bar can also be used as its own individual spreader bar as well. The 4-ft. EZ Bar System can be up to a three-piece system. The 8' EZ Bar System is up to a five-bar system.

Judge’s comment: A must for any contractor who does lifting.


Eagle West Cranes C-N 5-in-1 Concrete Bucket

Eagle West Cranes C-N Series is a 5 in 1 bucket. The central discharge concrete bucket features a counter-sprung box gate, which simplifies its use when filling column forms. The discharge slide can be set for in- or out-of-service without removing it. If necessary, it can be removed by pulling two bolts. The bucket’s bottom platform converts the box gate into a 6-inch central discharge bucket, ideal for use in applying roofing gravel and other dry feed products. The variable length rubber hose converts the standard bucket into a precision placement system for filling tight forms or columns. The bottom platform also enables forklifts to use the bucket. When not in use, the solid central bridle can be removed to allow buckets to be stacked for storage.

Judge’s comment: This innovative attachment is so much more than a basic concrete bucket.


Fabco Power Eagle Six-Function Power Station

Fabco Power, Chester, N.Y., launched the hydraulically driven Eagle 6 in 1 power station, which combines AC generator, DC welder, rotary screw air compressor, jumpstarter, CC & CV, and battery charger in one complete package.  Requiring hydraulic power of 25 gpm @ 2,500 psi, the unit’s dimensions are 20" x 18" x 48" and weighs only 500 pounds but allows users to weld up to 300 DC amps and use up to 6,000 watts of electric power while welding.

Judge’s comment: Provides a lot of functionality in a compact assembly. Perfect for the utility industry.


FIRST Sling Technology

FIRST High Performance Roundslings have been developed to provide users with the ability to inspect the rated core yarns for damage visually through the transparent cover. Other sling makes may require the sling to be sent to the manufacturer to test for damage due to unknown core yarn condition and/or unreliable external indicators. 

Judge’s comment: The ability to quickly and easily see whether a sling’s ok to use will boost safety.


Genie Lift Pro Training

Genie Lift Pro online operator training is a professional‐grade program that is delivered through a web‐based platform and is designed to satisfy the general training requirements for aerial work platforms as defined by ANSI, OSHA and CSA. The program incorporates current adult learning theory and consists of detailed graphics, narration, video and a variety of quizzes that provide a rich and interactive learning environment for the trainee. At the end of the program, there is a 30 question exam to verify knowledge retention. Upon passing the exam, a certificate of completion is presented as proof of training in preparation for the hands‐on portion; after completing the online training, the trainee must receive hands‐on familiarization from a qualified person to complete the training process and become a qualified operator.

Judge’s comment: All of our techs absolutely rave about this training—and techs don’t rave often.


Point of Rental Enterprise 2013 Rental Management Software

Enterprise 2013 rental management software program from Point of Rental Systems has been converted to the Microsoft .NET Framework. Users will notice user-interface attributes include the use of touchscreen friendly menus, mouse scroll wheel, and new color schemes. Spellcheck, timeline view, and multiple languages available for printed documents. Report enhancements include the ability to go directly from a report to a contract or Customer Balance. The Mobile Workforce Module capitalizes on the mobility of a company’s employees to complete tasks at work sites without having to be granted full access to the company server. A web-based application rather than device-specific, Mobile Workforce can be utilized with any mobile device. Automatic notifications can be set to send by text or email for end-of-day closings, bank deposits, overbooks and cancelled reservations.

Judge’s comment: This is cutting-edge software that is an effective fleet-management tool for the right-sized rental company.


Saelig/Etesian BreezeSonic Wind Alarm

BreezeSONIC, made by Etesian Technologies, is a self-powered alarm anemometer. It’s powered by an internal self-contained generator, so the unit never needs batteries or wires. If the wind is blowing and exceeds the alarm setting, a piercing 3.6kHz 90dB audible alarm warns of unsafe wind conditions. The internal generator provides all necessary power. breezeSONIC is designed specifically for use on aerial lift work platforms and other wind-sensitive structures to reduce the risk of accidents, property damage, and personal injury.

Judge’s comment: Simple, effective, and will save lives. This should be standard on all high-lift equipment.


SVE TreadMat

TreadMat from SVE is a two-ply, woven, steel belted, tire-tread mat. It was built to provide cost-effective access for off-road applications, construction site entrance roads, logging roads, stream crossings, wherever a two-ply laminated board mat would be used. TreadMat is a true, recycled "Green" product, better for the environment, cost effective, and long lasting. Plus, they clean truck tires before entering the highway.

Judge’s comment: Cool product. This is a unique and green product that is good for the environment and cost effective.



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