Linden Comansa Completes Luffer Product Line

Linden Comansa Completes Luffer Product Line

In September, Linden Comansa will complete its LCL Series of luffing-jib cranes with the launch of a fourth model, the LCL 165. In just over a year’s time, the Spanish manufacturer has completely renewed its range of luffers. The LCL 190 was presented at Bauma 2010, while the LCL 280 and LCL 310 were launched in March 2011. The company has retired models LCL-200 and LCL-250, which were introduced in 1997.

The LCL 165 will be available in 8- and 12-metric ton versions. Their respective maximum capacities are 17,640 and 26,450 pounds. Other specifications include maximum jib length of 50 meters and maximum freestanding height of 56.6 meters. Higher reach is possible when tower sections from other Linden Comansa series are combined with the LCL 165’s sections.

Other key features include the Effi-Plus system, which increases hoist speed with light loads; lightweight modular design, permitting many interchangeable jib and tower sections; and Level Luffing, an electronic coordination between luffing and hoisting movements that allows the crane operator to move the load horizontally by pushing a button while applying the luffing movement.

The prototype is currently undergoing testing at the manufacturer’s facility in Navarre, Spain.


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