Linden Comansa Launches Tower Crane Series

The new series of tower cranes from Linden Comansa have now a date of commercialization. The smallest models of the new LC 1100 Series, the 11 LC 90 5t and the 11 LC 90 6t, have been available since July. The other four models in the series • 11 LC 132 with 5 tons of maximum load, 11 LC 132 with 6 tons, the 11 LC 150 with 8 tons and the 11 LC 160, with 8 tons • will be available this month.

The new series features new innovations in comparison to the previous series of Linden Comansa cranes. While keeping the flat-top modular system, the new LC 1100 series is even easier to erect, mainly because the hoisting and slewing systems and the electric cabinets will be pre-installed within the cat head at the factory and delivered in this way to the customer. The lesser weight of the slewing structure in comparison to the previous series also helps to make an easier erection of the crane.

The six models also incorporate innovations on the motorization. The whole series have two slewing motors that reduce the stress of the crown; two hoist motors, with more hoist rope capacity on the drums and, consequently, higher under-hook heights; and the single or single/double trolley system with an innovative automatic change controlled by the operator from the cab, substantially improves the adaptability of the crane to different loads and thus increases working efficiency.

The new LC 1100 series also includes a new cab position, at an optimum working height for the operator, providing a greater field of vision; as well as 2.5 meter long jib sections, which increases the range and load combination possibilities.

With all the incorporated innovations to the new LC 1100 Series, plus the benefits of the Flat-Top modular system without struts, Linden Comansa wants to get more presence in its consolidated markets, while opening new opportunities in other territories.