Link-Belt Unveils New 138 HSL Crawler

Lexington, Ky.-based Link-Belt sets a new benchmark in the 80-ton lattice boom crawler crane class with the introduction of the 138 HSL. For more than 20 years, customer satisfaction has made Link-Belt's 138 series (the H, HII, and HYLAB 5) the market leader in North America, according to the company. Now, with better capacities and easier assembly and transportability, the HSL will extend the 138's reach.

The 138 HSL tube boom spans 40 to 200 feet. The optional angle boom is 40 to 150 feet. Both tube and angle attachments use the same respective extensions as the 138H, HII, and HYLAB 5. A live mast is standard for either attachment. Maximum tip height is 242 feet with tube boom and jib and 204 feet with angle boom and jib. The jib is offsettable to 5, 15, and 25 degrees. The top sections come standard with mounting lugs for the jib, the optional 5-foot auxiliary tip, and the optional universal pin-on pile driving lead adaptor.

New, high line-pull front and rear drums and the optional rear mounted fourth drum incorporate the latest Link-Belt wet brake technology used in other HSL models. The wet brake is on the output side of the winch planetary after the reduction. This innovative design gives the brake a responsive feel with no delayed reaction. Maximum line pull for the front or rear drum is 31,182 pounds. The sideframes extend to 14 foot wide for a solid lifting base and hydraulically retract to less than 9 feet for either restricted on-site travel or transport.

The full-vision cab has direct sight lines to the drums and tracks and sits in front of the boom for an unobstructed view. A six-way adjustable seat and adjustable armchair-mounted controls allow perfect seat positioning. The controls and backlit gauges are easy to read and intelligently located. An AM/FM radio and high-flow air conditioning add comfort. Audible and visual swing alarms, full engine instrumentation, and a service monitor keep the operator informed. Dual swing drive provides smooth control.

Also new is the Rated Capacity Limiter incorporating the latest Link-Belt technology. The high-visibility color graphic display features load-on-hook, maximum allowable load-on-hook, boom length, boom angle, tip height, and audible and visual warnings. The system also has a function kick-out for both overload and anti-two block occurrences.

The whisper-quiet Isuzu AH-6HK1X boasts 287 hp and 838 foot-pounds of torque for ample multi-function capability. The 138 HSL features Link-Belt's exclusive hydraulic counterweight removal system. The hydraulic cylinders and integral device detach in one piece with the counterweights to reduce transport weight. Remote operator controls allow all counterweight operations to take place from the ground within easy reach. The three-piece counterweights, at 23,305 pounds, 16,943 pounds, and 12,071 pounds, handle easily for blended load-outs. The 138 HSL transports with complete attachments in three loads, without the assistance of a helper crane. The main load with base section (less counterweights), both drums (and optional third drum if so equipped) with rope, and self-assembly device weighs less than 90,000 pounds.

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