Lizzy Lift Adds Third 68-ft. Scissor to Fleet | Construction News


Lizzy Lift, Chicago, Ill., an equipment-rental company that serves customers nationwide, has bought its third PB 7448, a 48-in.-wide, battery-powered, scissor lift with a maximum platform height of 68 ft.

Lizzy Lift bought the high-reaching scissor lift from ReachMaster, Inc., North America's exclusive distributor of the products, which are manufactured in Germany by PB Lifttechnik.

ReachMaster unveiled the first PB 7448 at ConExpo 2014 and sold the first two in North America to Lizzy Lift at the show. Those lifts were delivered in September 2014.

The PB 7448 is an advanced electric scissor lift that stands only 4 ft. wide, yet can reach 68 ft. of platform height (74 ft. of working height). 

Lizzy Lift reports that its first two PB lifts have remained in high utilization with long-term rentals ever since they were delivered. The high usage has led the company to add a third PB 7448 to its fleet just a year later.

Anne Mondlock, rental manager at Lizzy Lift, said the high-reaching scissor lifts rent primarily to existing rack-installation customers, but that Lizzy Lift  receives a high volume of inquiries from other kinds of users, since Lizzy Lift is the only company in North America that currently has the tall, narrow lifts.

ReachMaster representative Stephanie Gunther says that the PB 7448 is battery driven and features well-thought-out details that give excellent usability. Those details include compact design, a tight turning radius, proportional steering, and error-checking diagnosis.

Some of its other features include a weight sensor/control for the platform and scissor system, dual controls (platform control box plus ground controls), and a highly advanced diagnostic system.

Jen DuBose, Lizzy Lift president, said, "In our opinion, the PB Lift is the next "big thing" in industrial maintenance and equipment installation applications.” DuBose says that adding a third unit will let the company serve more customers who seek high reach in a narrow footprint.