Luedtke Crane Systems Relocates to California, Announces Products | Construction News


Luedtke Crane Systems has relocated its home office from Columbus, Ga., to San Jacinto, Calif., and has announced several products that are either available now or are in development.

The company’s new headquarters is approximately 90 mi. southeast of Los Angeles and 90 miles northeast of San Diego in a 3,500-sq.-ft. building that houses both manufacturing and office operations. Luedtke chose the location because the area has a large retired, semi-retired, and disabled population, as well as low operating costs.

According to Curt Luedtke, owner/manager, the company’s new handicapped-accessible building fits the company’s goal of employing disabled veterans and other physically challenged workers in well-paying jobs.

Although many of the parts used in manufacturing Luedtke’s products are made overseas, the company is using American labor for designing, final assembly, and testing.

Luedtke Crane Systems LLC will continue as a dealer for Wylie Systems/Rayco LMI/RCI/ A2B crane operator systems.

Curt Luedtke says the company will provide high-quality systems at lower prices because it sells directly to end users, rather than through a network of distributors and dealers.

Luedtke’s new facilities manufacture and assemble IP69K camera systems for all construction equipment. The standard system comes with a 7-in. TFT sunlight readable monitor and four IP69K IR 700tvl, 120°, wide-angle cameras with four 50-ft. connection cables. The complete camera system is designed to be installed in 30 min. or less.

The Mag-On Easy Mount system uses powerful magnets to mount the cameras and monitor. Eight zip-tie wire holders with powerful magnets that hold wires as solidly as bolting in areas such as counterweights or side frames, but stainless-steel hardware is also provided for users who prefer bolting.

Mag-On Easy Mounting makes installation easy and lets the camera system be installed or removed in minutes – a real advantage for rental fleets.

The IP68 monitor uses 11-32 VDC and employs backlit touch and audible buttons. It allows nine screen options. Four digital input signal wires automatically change the monitor and can be used with any kind of sensor that produces a supply voltage from 11 to 32VDC output, for example a back-up signal, turn indicator, pressure switch, or ultrasonic proximity switch.

Cameras are all 120° wide angle, are of eyeball design, and can be rotated into any position. Connections are color coded for front, back, right and left and use aviation-style connectors that can stand up to power washing. The entire system is CE rated. 

Curt Luedtke says the company is working to develop a cost-effective boom-tip system in which image tracking with digital stabilization will guide the camera, eliminating a pendulum bracket and the shaky image provided by most boom-tip camera systems.

Luedtke Crane Systems will also focus on application engineering, including anti-collision, GPS, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi video communications, as well as event recording.

Later this summer, the company will introduce a low-cost communication system that will allow anyone with a cell phone, PDA, or desktop computer to log onto any piece of equipment from anywhere in the world and  watch what that equipment is doing.

The communication system will be a simple “Plug and Play” design that will require no modifications to the existing camera system.

The second generation communication system will provide 100% communication of all functions of a piece of construction equipment such as ECM data, engine hours, weather conditions, complete load information from the crane’s LMI or RCI, and video information. This application will be well suited for jobsites where “total site” Wi-Fi is accessible.

A sister company, Crane Control Systems LLC, Las Vegas, Nev., will provide special application engineering and onsite installation for customers that require assistance.

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