Maeda Mini-Crane Speeds Construction of Dallas Apartment Building | Construction News

A Maeda MC285-2 mini-crane perched on a high floor is helping speed up construction of the multi-story Alexan Apartments building in Dallas, Texas.

As the owner rushes to start leasing the building's luxury apartments, the Maeda mini-crane is relieving the project's tower crane of some lifting duties to speed final construction.

The 365-unit structure’s large footprint stretches the limits of the only tower crane on the project, so in order to place steel more quickly and safely on the upper levels, the contractor rented a Maeda MC285-2 from Inman Company Texas, of Houston, to save tower crane time for other trades.

After lifting the 4,680-lb. MC285 mini-crane to the roof, the tower crane staged steel for the mini-crane to place.

The Maeda’s radio-remote control lets its operator be closer to the point of placement for precision and speed.

Just 30 in. wide, the track-mounted mini-crane is easy to position in the best spot for each lift. That maneuverability also allows the Maeda to make full use of its 6,210-lb. capacity by being closer to the picking and placement sites.

The 31’10” five-section telescoping boom is easily able to handle the weight of the structural steel members.