Magni Offers Tree Clamp and Plug-in Power Options for Telehandlers | Construction News


Magni Telescopic Handlers has developed a clamp that allows any of its rotating telehandlers to grab and handle tree branches or trunks.

The system automatically uses a tree's diameter, height, and pre-set tables to estimate the weight of the section to be cut. The special measuring system enables the machine to determine if it is safe to cut, and thus guarantees the safety.

The clamp can handle trunks to 67-in. diameter and has a 35-in. built-in chainsaw.

The Kinshofer gripper can rotate 360°, continuous, for optimal cuts in each position and to place branches directly onto the truck for the transport or into a shredder.

Combining the tree clamp with Magni RTH rotating telehandler swing and place capability offers outstanding efficiency, productivity, and safety. The clamp holds branches even after they are cut, so they don't have to be picked off the ground. And a Magni rotating telehandler's ability to pick, swing, and set loads without moving the chassis minimizes the need to restrict traffic in much of a work area.

If equipped with cameras kits and LED lights on the boom and cab, Magni RTH telehandlers can work even in poor light.

The Tier 4 Final engine meets current emission standards.

In another new development, Magni has announced a twin-energy system that lets an RTH rotating telehandler work without any diesel emissions by connecting the telehandler to an external 380V electrical source.

The system is designed for work in poorly ventilated spaces or sites requiring reduced noise. The system can also reduce fuel cost and prolong the life of the diesel engine.