Mancomm Releases New OSHA Booklet

Safety instructors who provide OSHA training are now required to provide their students with 42 pages of handouts. Mancomm, Davenport, Iowa, has streamlined and condensed the information in these handouts into a 16-page booklet, Intro to OSHA.

“Important new employee protection directives make it mandatory for workers to receive the information in those handouts,” said Benjamin W. Mangan, president of Mancomm. “But there’s no requirement that says workers must receive reams of paper.”

Handouts covered by the booklet include topics such as a safety and health resources handout; a material safety data sheet example; a weekly fatality and catastrophe report; and an OSHA 300 log example.

“We want to make life easier for our customers by simplifying the training process,” said Mangan. “Now safety trainers can rest easy, knowing that when they hand out these booklets, each trainee will have all the new additional information as mandated by OSHA.”